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Webinar  “Justice faced with the challenges of digital technologies”

On 25 September 2023, IMPETUS organized a webinar on “Justice faced with the challenges of digital technologies”. The key speaker was Daniela Dimovska, a Judge from the Basic Criminal Court Skopje. The objective of the event was to introduce the challenges that digital technologies are seen as a challenge to deliver justice, but also to be able to detect whether digital rights are understood as new technologies emerge.

The target audience was judges, prosecutors and candidates for judges and prosecutors from the Academy of Judges and Public Prosecutors. IMPETUS partnered with the Academy to get their candidates into the learning webinar, where we sent a survey and were able to get insights on topics from the digital sphere they want to discuss more, the digitalization transformation challenges that exist in the Judiciary, etc.

The webinar was organized as a closed event only for this target group.

Facebook: https://fb.me/e/18Q99M2pj

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