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Webinar “Internet Content Blocking and Filtering”

On 28 September 2023, IMPETUS organized a webinar on “Internet Content Blocking and Filtering”, with Marko Paloski, Internet Governance Forum Coordinator, as a key speaker. 

The objective of this event was to explain Internet Content Blocking, but also to tackle the Access to Internet and Content Online as a digital right, and what EU is doing in regulating the social media giants. It addressed freedom of expression, as the challenges in disinformation and propaganda when internet content blocking cases happened in different countries.

The key takeaways are that this topic intrigued participants to discuss the EU regulation on Google, Amazon, META, etc. Issues that were seen as most valuable are: Learning about the methods available for blocking and filtering, Types of blocking and filtering as well as content moderation, what are the methods for controlling and monitoring the internet from posting all kinds of information, the ability to block the internet and modalities, what is the difference between filtering and blocking, blocking IP, DNS, platforms, Internet access, filtered information, etc. Internet fragmentation was mentioned and the potential for disinformation and propaganda as a result of preventing the access to global internet blocking.

Facebook: https://fb.me/e/19sXcNh3x

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