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Webinar: AI & Machine Learning, challenges and benefits

On 14 June 2023, IMPETUS organized a specialized webinar on AI & Machine Learning, challenges and benefits, with Dr. Adam Zagorecki, Cranfield University, UK 

The objective of the event was to introduce the challenges that AI is bringing, to understand the AI and Machine Learning history and developments and how it is going to affect future work.

In the last five years, the field of AI has made major progress in almost all its standard sub-areas, including vision, speech recognition and generation, natural language processing (understanding and generation), image and video generation, multi-agent systems, planning, decision-making, and integration of vision, text recognition, etc.

This was an unique opportunity to listen from a science and research perspective, but also to learn about AI developments and challenges due to the fact there are no other CSO organizations that are covering this topic/field. Facebook:

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