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Workshop – “Network and Information Systems – Infrastructure and application security” 

Impetus organized an event on “Network and Information Systems – Infrastructure and application security”. The event was supported by the ICT association within Economic Chamber, as well as from RIPE NCC, #Chevening #cybersecurity.

The event was organized “by invitation only”, gathering specific subject matter experts on Internet Infrastructure Security Discussions.

Infrastructure security includes physical security, network security, and application security. With the proliferation of evolving technologies such as IoT manifesting as autonomous vehicles, remote monitoring for healthcare, etc., network device identity, its authentication, and location on the network are the key requirements of network security. This is in addition to all the other end-point security such as the transport protocol, and the application security. It is in this context that #IPv6 is relevant, important, and urgent. There are other technologies that services like autonomous vehicles depend upon – 5G networks, edge computing, mobile clouds, etc., which necessitates the use of IPv6.

A representative of the RIPE NCC – the network coordination center for Europe, Ms. Gergana, presented the basic characteristics of #IPv6 and illustrated the differences between IPv4 and IPv6, with a mention of the need for the move to IPv6.

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