Program: Security

Program: Security

The Security Program of the Center for Internet, Development and Good Governance “IMPETUS” is engaged in the realization of methodologically designed research, analyzes and studies on security issues and challenges of today’s contemporary living. Identifying and assessing the risks, threats

Program: Privacy and Internet

Program: Privacy and Internet

The Privacy and Internet Program aims to develop tools for informing and educating citizens about the exercise of their rights in this area, as well as advocacy tools aimed at developing the awareness of legal entities for implementing the standards

Program: Good Governance and Human Rights

Program: Good Governance and Human Rights

The Good Governance and Human Rights Program will conduct researches and analyses to determine the degree of good governance and achieve standards for accountable and transparent operation of public institutions, both at central and local level. This program will assess

Program: Youth Empowerment

Program: Youth Empowerment

To promote the active citizenship of young people in general and their European citizenship in particular.  – Develop solidarity and tolerance in order to strengthen social cohesion.  – Foster mutual understanding between young people from different countries. To help improve

What our friends have to say

Sometimes, you come across groups that do such exciting work and are led by such driven people that you want to enthusiastically introduce them to all your colleagues at think tanks. Impetus is a great example of such a group.

Lukasz Krol College of Europe, Natolin, Warsaw, Poland

Impetus has the potential to become a very necessary think tank, with a very specific and important expertise for the integration of the Western Balkans in the EU. We are looking forward to seeing great and important work in the future.

Andrej Petrovski SHARE Foundation, Director of Tech


It is a great pleasure to work with the dynamic, dedicated, knowledgeable and focused people of Impetus. I am extremely happy that the College of Europe in Natolin could assist in a small way in bringing the team together.

Marek Tabor Director of Development Service, College of Europe, Natolin, Warsaw, Poland

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