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Impetus participates on the 11-th session of WG-4  for Justice, Freedom and Security (Chapter 24)

In the organization and invitation of the National Convention on EU in MK, IMPETUS participated in the 11th session of WG-4 – Justice, Freedom and Security (Chapter 24), dedicated to the topic: “Strengthening resilience and improving capabilities to respond to hybrid threats.”

Strengthened cooperation, coordination and inclusiveness of all stakeholders is needed. “Cybersecurity is a cultural change, it’s not just about IT professionals, but everyone is important”:

  • Establishing clear and inclusive policies for building resilience,
  • Creation of internal procedures for responding to incidents within the public administration,
  • Mandatory system reporting of incidents to the regulatory body for electronic communications,
  • Strengthening the capacities of the administration in order to provide an adequate and timely response to threats,
  • Building a comprehensive response and strategic communications, etc. 

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