The main goal of the project is to identify foreign influence into the media content and to correlate it throughout the political and national processes and situations. The main tool used is monitoring the information presented and published into the media, in relation with the discourse from the national and foreign policy makers. 


The main strength of this project is that it has a unique real-time monitoring methodology, as no other publicly available document, analyzing the foreign influence over the EU/NATO integration processes into the media content, was done in that period. Although in the general public there is an awareness about the existence of this foreign influence and recognized as a factor of importance, yet, there is no expressed effort and determination in the academia or NGO sector to start fact checking and analyze this phenomenon deeply. The research itself shall be useful for the governmental services, donor impact, institutions working on the EU integration and NATO processes, security aspects, international relations and foreign diplomacy tools development, but for media and journalists as well who shall face the false reporting and seriousness of fake news propaganda towards the security of the country and its citizens’ welfare. 


Through the support of this project, a grass-root organization is established with the aim of researching these issues and good governance monitoring which would bring justified advocacy initiatives and policy papers related to the topics of national/regional security and the impact of media onto it. 


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