International conference “Cyber Integrity in Public Administration”

International conference “Cyber Integrity in Public Administration”, organized by Impetus with huge support from Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office British Embassy Skopje and DCAF Geneva Center for Security Sector Governance.

The event enabled the sharing of key messages and recommendations with all relevant stakeholders in order to more easily deal with cyber security threats and encourage transformative changes.

160 participants from about 50 different institutions from executive, judicial and local government, with panelists from the Western Balkans and Great Britain.

Huge thanks to the Deputy Prime Minister Slavica Grkovska who supported the event, MIOA Minister Azir Aliu for the key messages and recommendations, as well as the director of the Innovation and Technological Development Fund for the innovative proposed solutions and State Commission for the Prevention of Corruption, President Biljana Ivanovska.

Thanks also to the panelists and organizations that joined and enriched the discussion Faculty of Information Sciences and Computer Engineering – FINKI Semos Education Cranfield University Faculty of Security – Skopje

Сајбер интегритет во јавната администрација 7

Workshop on cyber security for the State Commission for Preventing Corruption 

Impetus held a workshop on cyber security for the employees of the professional service of the State Commission for Preventing Corruption (DKSK), organized by the IMPETUS Association – Center for Internet, Development and Good Governance, and with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Commonwealth and Development of the United Kingdom and the Geneva Center for Security Management sector.

Foreign & Commonwealth Office DCAF Geneva Center for Democratic Control of Armed Forces British Embassy Skopje

Employees had the opportunity to learn about cyber threats, risks, challenges, as well as tools for protection and prevention. At the same time, they had the opportunity in an interactive way, through a game and through a discussion, to practice through scenarios of cyber attacks how to react and what to watch out for.

In the framework of the workshop, students from FINKI were also included in support of the event and sharing good practices and lessons learned.


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