We strive for a society in which educated young and informed, active citizens will contribute to democratic development and awareness of responsible governance.

The main objectives and tasks of the Association are:

  • Promote human rights protection
  • Education and development of a program for youth and youth participation
  • Research and analysis in the area of ​​security and privacy protection
  • Support, implementation and development of the European values ​​of the citizens in the Republic of Macedonia
  • Supporting open criticism and critical thinking
  • Development of cooperation with the media, business sector, other non-governmental organizations, foundations, associations
  • Support, creation and development of cooperation with the organs of central and local government, international institutions and organizations, foreign embassies and governments
  • Development of a network of regional branches throughout the territory of the Republic of Macedonia
  • Improving knowledge about the Internet and digital tools
  • Advocating for dialogue between different ethnic communities through training and combating hate speech
  • Analyze, develop and implement initiatives to respect the principles of good governance
  • Perform other activities determined by the Law, agreements and other normative acts of the Association