In the period from April 21-23, 2023, a training was held in Berovo for young people – representatives from the Eastern and Southeastern planning regions.

This training is the first stage in the implementation of the YOUTH ACTIVISM AGAINST CORRUPTION project. The next stage is the practical application of the acquired experiences and development of local initiatives.

Forum-CSRD, Impetus and the Center for European Development and Integration are partners that implement this project with the support of the Civica Mobilitas program.


The main goal of the training was to increase the capacity for activism among local civil representatives who will implement initiatives to fight corruption at the local level.

Other important topics that will be treated at the training are:

  • good governance and transparency of local self-government units, cooperation between local administration and citizens;
  • acquiring skills for monitoring and evaluation of public services; appropriate education for the implementation of actions and initiatives;
  • monitoring of municipal budgets; structure of society and the role of the civil sector;
  • human rights;
  • networking of groups with common interests and others.

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