To promote the active citizenship of young people in general and their European citizenship in particular.  – Develop solidarity and tolerance in order to strengthen social cohesion.  – Foster mutual understanding between young people from different countries. To help improve the quality of support systems for youth activities and strengthen the capacity of civil society organizations in the youth field.  – Promote European cooperation in the youth field.

The program shall be aimed towards promoting non-formal education and training of young people through intercultural training and activities, the encouragement of the youth exchanges and volunteering at the national, European and international level, development of consciousness of European citizenship through programs and projects designed for young people.

The Youth Development and Education Program will mainly work on identifying problems that young people face, assistance and support for development, as well as exchanging experiences with young people from other countries. Also, the topics of interest from the other programs will be part of the development of the capacities of the youth that will be part of the organization. IMPETUS plans to develop youth leaders who will bring change to society and will be echoed for all challenges.