Program Director for Security
Kire Babanoski, PhD

Kire Babanoski is the Program Director for Security, Dr. Sc. in the field of security and currently he is an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of security studies, MIT University – Skopje, responsible for the courses National Security, Terrorism, Criminalistics and Forensics. He is a mentor for student practical education responsible for communication with the officials from the national security institutions and law enforcement agencies for organizing field visits and expert lectures at the Faculty. 

He is a researcher in the field of security, fight against terrorism, organized crime and illegal trafficking and he has acquired a detailed knowledge in methodology of planning, designing, preparing, developing and conducting surveys, projects and researches. His papers and articles were presented at many international scientific conferences and published in relevant thematic proceedings and journals in the field of contemporary security challenges in Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, France and Italy. Among others, he attended the 2017 cycle of the Council of Europe Schools of Political Studies and he was participant at 6th World Forum for Democracy (Council of Europe, Strasbourg, France, 08-10.11.2017).